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Safe, nurturing, happy places where children can explore, create and learn



Our infant rooms have been created to be warm, safe home-away-from-homes for our littlest ones.  The ratio of infants to staff is 2-7. The staff have been carefully selected for their training and understanding of infant behavior and needs.

Each infant naps in his or her own crib. When awake they have a myriad of toys to play with that are carefully maintained and regularly cleaned. Mirrors line the walls so that the babies can view their images and start to make sense of their surroundings. When the weather is nice, we take the little ones for walks in our strollers. Healthful snacks are provided every day.

Parents comment about the exceptionally loving atmosphere in the infants’ room. We invite you to come experience it for yourself.



We know that children of this age need to bond emotionally with their caregivers. Providing our young toddlers with a nurturing environment filled with smiles, songs, and individualized attention helps develop secure, trusting children who are eager to learn and willing to take risks.


Young toddlers grow emotionally and intellectually through experiences with rhythms, patterns of sound, light, movement and texture. Our Toddler rooms are filled with sensory delights for all five senses.


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Pre-schoolers are highly active and use their five senses to gain an understanding of their world.  They greet every opportunity to touch, taste, smell, feel, see or hear with enthusiasm. To meet those needs, we provide numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and experiences.

 Our program is designed to support and encourage the child’s transition from the toddler's sensory-motor world  to an increasingly social world. We seek to optimize the emerging physical, sensory-motor, perceptual, cognitive and social skills of each child through reading, singing, creative play and exploration.

Children at this age are developing language, mathematical reasoning and scientific thought. Developmentally appropriate learning centers provide opportunities for discovery while beginning to teach some of the most basic educational skills.


Pre-school children are like sponges. They soak in the world around them, using their emerging skills to explore their surroundings, process their discoveries and learn from them. They take great delight in developing a new skill and performing it repeatedly, for anyone willing to watch and cheer for them.

Our Pre-School Program offers a broad range of experiences designed to assist your children in developing and expanding their skills and capabilities. Our goal is to provide your children with the knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in Kindergarten and continue to thrive academically.

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