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We offer a morning program and a full day program (6 or more hours per day). Children may come 2, 3 or 5 days per week.

The school provides a morning and afternoon snack. Parents must provide a lunch for their child.

Friday is Pizza Day ($2.00 per child)

For more information call:
Gloucester location
Rowley location

Gloucester Facebook                          Rowley Facebook

  • Can I tour the school?
    Absolutely! We welcome parent visits. Call us for an appointment. However, with COVID, there are certain guidelines, which we will discuss when you call.
  • I have two children I would like to send. Is there a discount?
    We are so happy to have siblings in our school, and yes, there is a discount.
  • Do you ever take the kids on field trips?
    Yes! We go apple picking every fall, bowling in the summer, singing in nursing homes... However, all these activities are on hold now due to COVID. We also bring many activites and people to our school. Firefighters bring their fire trucks, police let the kids explore their cars, dentists teach brushing and tooth care, zoologists bring animals to touch and pet...we love our visitors.
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