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Why Patreon Must Be Destroyed for Sims 4 CC

Why Patreon Must Be Destroyed for Sims 4 CC

Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game that allows players to create and control virtual characters, build houses, and explore various scenarios. One of the main attractions of the game is the ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the sims and their surroundings using custom content (CC).

Patreon Must Be Destroyed Sims 4


CC is user-generated content that can be downloaded and installed into the game, such as hairstyles, clothing, furniture, poses, animations, and more. CC can enhance the gameplay experience and add more variety and creativity to the game.

However, not all CC is free and accessible to everyone. Some CC creators choose to monetize their work by putting it behind a paywall, such as Patreon. Patreon is a platform that allows creators to receive monthly donations from their supporters in exchange for exclusive content and perks.

While some players may be willing to support their favorite CC creators financially, many others find this practice unfair and unethical. They argue that CC should be free for everyone, since it is based on a game that is already paid for, and that it violates the terms of service of Electronic Arts (EA), the publisher of Sims 4.

According to EA's user agreement, modders and CC creators are not allowed to sell or solicit donations for their content, or use it for commercial purposes. They are also not allowed to infringe on EA's intellectual property rights or those of third parties.

Some players also complain that paywalled CC is often low-quality, buggy, or stolen from other creators. They also point out that some CC creators use deceptive tactics to lure people into subscribing to their Patreon, such as posting misleading previews, deleting old content, or hiding links.

As a result, some players have taken matters into their own hands and created websites that share paywalled CC for free. These websites are known as "Patreon Must Be Destroyed" or "Down With Patreon", and they aim to expose and boycott the CC creators who charge money for their content.

However, these websites are not without controversy either. Some CC creators have accused them of piracy, theft, and harassment. They claim that they have the right to charge money for their work, since it takes time, effort, and skill to create CC. They also argue that Patreon is a voluntary service that allows them to earn some income from their hobby, and that no one is forced to pay for their content.

Additionally, some players have expressed concern about the safety and legality of downloading CC from these websites. They warn that some of the files may contain viruses, malware, or inappropriate content. They also question the morality of supporting these websites, since they may harm the CC community and discourage future creation.

In conclusion, Patreon Must Be Destroyed is a controversial topic among Sims 4 players and CC creators. While some see it as a way to fight against greed and injustice, others see it as a form of disrespect and vandalism. Ultimately, it is up to each individual player to decide whether they want to support or oppose this movement. 0efd9a6b88


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